Ilona Folmanis is a passionate producer of a high quality handmade wool products. She contacted me with request for a personal and elegant identity to reflect her exclusiv creations. The goal was to emphasize the passion for the high quality wool products and break stereotypes where knitting is allways assosiated with hobby for eldery people. 
Brand is named after the cat Julle - a very special pet to the Ilona, that inspired artisan in her creative work. Swedish word ull that means wool is organic part of the brand name.
The identity design results in a unique symbiosis based on the idea of a cat having a pleasure of touching fluffy wool. He is the most distinctive element of the identity.
The color palette employ grey natural wool tones, contrasting with the brightness and strength of the sunny yellow tones.
The series of illustrations where Julle is playing with wool products, presents the brand in the playful and friendly way.
"God Julle's" is the illustration created for Christmas sale. Playing with letters "God Jul" - means "Merry Christmas" in Swedish.
The website combines products catalogue and the blog aimed to present new exclusive models and share the details of her work.
The catalogue of products is designed with the Julle - the cat testing the products.
Everything from the idea and concept to graphic design, photography and website development.
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