NYCE.LOGIC is the Warehouse Management System delivered by the swedish logistics specialists of Nice Solutions AB.

Complete solution to promote the WMS on exhibitions, including all from promo-website and animated movies and to exhibition stand design and print materials.
The stand designed in bright corporate colors which reflect the company's identity and catches attention of visitors. The simple construction enhance visibility from different corners and gives flexibility of use on different exhibition's rooms.
Touchscreen and PCs present special UI and animated materials aimed to attract visitor's attention and explain main features of the WMS in a simple and clear way.
Group of films about how does the WMS works at the customers warehouses
Animation for the Kjell&Co Case studies movie.
Group of films about solutions
Movie about the efficient retailing with no more empty shelves.
The Nyce.Logic LT movie presents efficient warehousing through storage lifts.
Cold & Freeze storage movie
The movie aimed to present how the WMS operates in real time 
Group of films about processes
Inventory Counting animation shows easy and fast operations with the clear interface of Nice.Logic mobile client.
Starting in 2011 with the new identity the exhibition stand design results in the following evolution.
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